Suzy Soto implores students to drive safely

| 15/03/2016
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Suzy Soto speaks to the students

(CNS): Suzy Soto, the grandmother of Zak Quappe, who died in a road accident in 2013, led an interactive road safety presentation last week for more than 120 students at Cayman International School. Soto shared the experience of her family’s loss with the group, which comprised years eight to 12.

She was accompanied by Charles Gilman of the Streetskill Committee and Government Information Services, who spoke in depth to the young people about the importance of road safety.

“I want to save the youth of our islands. I want them to realise that one small choice, one mistake, can lead to tragedy,” Soto said. “They won’t know what happened, but everyone they leave behind suffers.”

To increase awareness of the dangers of drunk driving, the session, held Thursday, 10 March, also provided an opportunity for youth to navigate an obstacle course while wearing Fatal Vision goggles, which distort a person’s sight in a manner that mimics the effects of alcohol.

CNS Local Life

A student tries to function while wearing the Fatal Vision “drunk” goggles, as Charles Gilman (left) looks on

The students also watched the documentary “Road Impact: Cayman Islands”, which was produced by Cayman 27 in partnership with the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service. The film features interviews with survivors and family members of persons who lost their lives in traffic incidents, as well as medical professionals and first responders.

Gilman discussed the negative effects of alcohol, as well as the dangers of drinking and driving, speeding, and driving while distracted, which included the use of cell phones.

Expressing the hope that their message would leave a lasting impact on the young people, he said, “To prevent teen fatalities the most valuable thing we can do is to tell them about the realities of what happens if they drive irresponsibly. We believe that this simple presentation has the potential to influence their decisions, and one day prevent them from engaging in destructive behaviour.”

Streetskill, a joint initiative of the RCIPS, the National Roads Authority, the Cayman Islands Road Safety Advisory Council and GIS, was launched in 2006 to educate the public about safe driving in an effort to eliminate road deaths.

“Road Impact: Cayman Islands” can be viewed online at Youth For Road Safety website 

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