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| 19/05/2016

What’s the deal with drivers who feel they need to WAIT for the green indicator arrow whilst turning right? There are clearly marked signs that say to give way on the green light, yet so many wait until the next green arrow. Is there a country where these people come from that they don’t know how to drive? I just don’t understand; hopefully posting this will help educate some drivers out there. While we’re at it, please remind people of a bar on the side of the steering column that should be utilised to indicate their intention of the direction they are going…USE IT people, please.

Auntie’s answer: I am so happy you asked that question. People who don’t follow the rules of the road are one of my major pet peeves. And even though I have already answered a driving question this week (see Uncertain about rules of the roundabout), I will grab any opportunity to help get people home safe and, as a bonus, not get yelled at by other drivers.

Of course, you are absolutely right to be annoyed by drivers who think if the arrow isn’t lit, they are not allowed to turn right. As long as the light is green and there is no oncoming traffic, you are allowed to make that right turn. It is certainly no fun getting stuck waiting behind a driver who won’t turn when you can see that the way is clear. Then the light turns red and you have to wait for the lights to cycle through again.

I am not sure why some people seem to be confused by this filter light/no filter light business. I know that turning when a green arrow is lit is the safest option since oncoming traffic will be looking at a red light, but when the arrow turns off that doesn’t end your turning options, as long as the full green light is still showing. Just make sure the way is clear and you are good to go.

As for your complaint about people not using indicator lights, I have to admit that even Auntie has mumbled words stronger than “dearie me” when other drivers have not signalled their turns. It is especially annoying when drivers on roundabouts don’t indicate, making it impossible for you to enter the road since you have no idea if the car to your right is exiting before or after you.

I think I had better stop before I get too worked up. If anyone else has a question or comment about the rules of the road, feel free to send it in.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    How about spending your time tracking down answers to something important?

  2. A Nony Mouse says:

    Far worse is the fool who indicates to turn, starts the motion and then aborts at the last second! This happened just yesterday in front of the West Bay Police station and very nearly caused a serious collision. Fortunately the person in front of me did not trust the idiot’s signalled intention and waited until they cleared the intersection.

    Then there are the inconsiderate people turning who seem to have to STOP completely and take 30 seconds or more to S-L-O-W-L-Y execute a turn into a driveway or parking lot, indicator used (or not)!! Did all these denizens obtain their licences from a recycling outlet and simply cut out and change the photo?

    • Anonymous says:

      These people come from countries where they don’t drive!! Only in Cayman, they are rude, driving cars that are not inspected, no insurance!! Tinted windows that are so dark u can’t c the who is driving, could be mask men or women, it’s Out of control!! We have no traffic police! What a Island!! Sad

  3. Anonymous says:

    In the UK if there is a separate filter for a right turn as opposed to a single light for ahead and a right turn then one cannot turn right until the filter is on. Where is the specific rule to the contrary in the Cayman rules?

    • Anonymous says:

      Most if not all the lights with the right turn indicator have a sign beside the light that says ‘give way on solid green’ or something to that effect. I know in north america if the lane is left turn only then when the light turns red you can’t turn left, even though the through lanes are green. Shared left turn/through lanes are give way on solid green.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nope sorry not true. The poster is correct for the UK and Cayman, if the light is green and you are turning right you can proceed if the way is clear, in fact you should enter the junction to a point past the white line and make a right when an opportunity arises. There are instances where lights must be obeyed, but they have to be signed as exceptions.