Government celebrates summer interns

| 29/07/2016
CNS Local Life

(L-R) Ministry of Health and Culture Deputy Chief Officer Nancy Barnard, with interns Neesah Godet and Shara Shorter

(CNS): A group of civil-service interns was recently recognised for contributions this summer, at a ceremony attended by Acting Governor Franz Manderson, ministers, chief officers, department heads and human resource managers. Out of the more than 116 interns hired this year, departments with the highest numbers included the Department of Immigration with 17, Public Works Department with 16 and District Administration in Cayman Brac with 13.

Acting Deputy Governor Gloria McField-Nixon, noting that the civil service is the “single largest employer in the Cayman Islands, with just about any career you can think of”, highlighted the many opportunities that exist within the organisation.

She encouraged the young people to return, congratulating them on the responsible use of their time and the talents that they have developed during internships.

Portfolio of the Civil Service (PoCS) intern Deondra Kelly then shared some inspirational life lessons from the book The Alchemist, including the saying, “Fear is a bigger obstacle than the obstacle itself.”

To conclude events, Department of Sports intern Kayley Conolly offered the vote of thanks and Jose Ardila, PoCS intern, brought the brief ceremony to a close with a prayer.

The PowerPoint presentation featured at the event, containing pictures and information about the interns, is available for viewing in the Government Administration Building lobby and cafeteria.


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