Mentoring Cayman cruises toward end of 2017 programme

| 11/04/2017
CNS Local Life

(L-R) Alecia McDonald, Eja Parchment, and Christopher Rivers were among the students on the Mentoring Cayman cruise

(CNS Local Life): The Chamber of Commerce recently took its 2017 Mentoring Cayman class on a local cruise as part of its annual programme, with students and mentors enjoying a trip around North Sound. Every year a similar trip is organised to give the students a chance to socialise with one another and their mentors.

“I really enjoyed the cruise, as it gave me an opportunity to meet others on the course and bond with them,” said Alecia McDonald, of Clifton Hunter High School, of the 4 April event. This feeling was unanimous amongst all class members, stated a chamber press release, with the organisation noting it is one of the reasons why it holds this social event for the students.

Mentoring Cayman has been run annually since its inception in 2002 and is managed in partnership with the Ministry of Community Affairs, Youth & Sports (previously the Ministry of Education). The programme is aimed at high-achieving year 11 public and private school students, who are personally selected by their principals. They are then partnered with a community, business or public office leader, who will mentor them during workplace visits over nine months.

Through active engagement and interaction with their mentors, students acquire tips and skills that will better prepare them for their futures, and improve their personal development.

The class has one more workplace visit set for Wednesday, 3 May.

Governor Helen Kilpatrick is the programme’s patron, and she will be congratulating the students and mentors on their work with a closing reception to be held at Government House 1 June.

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