Elections Office staffer voted top employee

| 30/10/2017
CNS Local Life

Chief Officer Gloria McField-Nixon (left) and Deputy Governor Franz Manderson present certificates to Gina Whittaker

(CNS Local Life): Gina Whittaker has been named the Cayman Islands Government’s Employee of the Month for September, recognised as the most appreciated. She earned this distinction as a result of the praise she has received from both external and internal clients, stated a government press release. Her job title is receptionist/ID technician in the Elections Office, but she dons many hats to help ensure the functioning of this small, but essential office.

Whittaker joined the Elections Office in 2012. She works with a diverse range of clientele, ranging from the agents of aspiring political candidates to member of the general public, to the small army of Elections Office staff who conduct the national elections. In all her interactions, she is recognised for delivering the highest level of customer service, said the release.

Supervisor of Elections Wesley Howell said he was thrilled that Whittaker was selected for the award. “Gina consistently delivers professional, effective and efficient service,” he said. “She is self-motivated and ensures that the job is done and is done well, even if it falls outside of her normal duties. Mrs. Whittaker has made it her mission to master most of the duties in the Elections Office, and as such, she can assist everyone with their tasks, always with a smile and a positive spirit.”

Portfolio of Civil Service Chief Officer Gloria McField-Nixon said that Whittaker’s award is special for many reasons, not the least of which is that the team led by Howell performed exceptionally well in delivering the historic first election using single-member constituencies.

“Gina is known for delivering the highest level customer service across the board,” McField-Nixon said. “Even as the pressure of Election Day drew closer, Gina supported her teammates by ensuring that all staff birthdays were recognised and celebrated. This simple act helped foster collaboration and cohesiveness quickly amongst a team comprised mostly of temporary staff.

“Gina’s giving spirit helped to diffuse the pressure that the team felt generally when they had to carry out a historic election under the watchful eye of the public, the media and election observers. As the only permanent, fulltime member of staff in the Elections Office, she mentored temporary staff leading up to the 2017 Election Day, infecting them with her work ethic and positivity,” she added.

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson said that clients often praise Whittaker with a notable commendation advising that she is “worth her weight in gold”. Manderson agreed with that assessment. “She often exceeds our expectations by delivering excellent and memorable customer service. She proactively works behind the scenes to ensure that deadlines for the quarterly voter list are published on time,” he said, adding, “Thank you Gina for demonstrating such a remarkable level of performance and commitment to the Cayman Islands Government.”


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