CNS Forum Rules

The aim of the CNS forum is to enable the Cayman Islands community to help people who need information or answers to questions they have, or who want to bring up topics of conversation to discuss.

If you want to submit a viewpoint or letter to the editor please email If forum topics submitted are more suitable as letters to the editor, they may be used as such and posted on CNS Headline News.

You must register or login to participate in the forums. The minimum that is required to register is a username and an email address. All other information you add to your profile, which can be seen by other members, is at your own risk. If you would like your account to be deleted at any time, please email

All new topics must be approved before they are published. If they are irrelevant to the Cayman community or bit suitable for any reason they will be deleted by the CNS editor.

Please make the subject sensible and useful for the search function. If it’s not, it might be edited by CNS.

Please do not ‘hijack’ a thread. Keep open discussions on topic and create a new thread if unrelated questions need to be raised.

Privacy: Do not ask for email addresses or phone numbers or any other personal information. If you do your account will be deleted. The CNS editor may in some circumstances act as a go between to arrange contact between users.

For your own protection please refrain from posting your personal information such as email address, phone number, website URLs, IP/MAC address, account numbers, etc. in community threads. This includes data that may inadvertently be shared via attachments or images. This information may be included in your profile details at your own risk.

Advertising or self-promotion will be generally deleted, though exceptions may be made at the editor’s discretion. This does not apply to charities and non-profit organisations. Job listings or other solicitations will also be deleted. Any postings considered spam will be deleted, along with the account.

Any post which constitutes defamation, harassment or abuse is strictly prohibited. Posts that include material that is sexual or obscene, racist or otherwise overly discriminatory is not permitted on these forums and risks having your account deleted.

Please do not share materials that infringe copyright. Do not share sensitive or confidential materials, including details of service requests that can be considered confidential information, including (but not limited to) passwords, logfiles, script output, or other sensitive subject matter.

CNS reserves the right to change or add to these rules at any time.