Featured charity submission

If you are involved with a local service club, non-profit organisation or charity and would like it to be featured on CNS Local Life, please submit the following information:

  1. A description of the organisation, what it does and how it helps the community.
  2. If the organisation is a registered non-profit or has applied for non-profit status.
  3. How much money it needs each year to function and how much money it has already received so far this year. CNS will illustrate this information with a bar chart to clearly show how much more funding your charity needs, and you can send us updated information as often as you like.
  4. How that money is spent, including salaries, administration, promotion/marketing, cost of individual programmes or initiatives, expenses specific to your organisation.
  5. How many people are employed by the organisation and what they do.
  6. The list of board members or principal organisers.
  7. Major sponsors, including government.
  8. Are the organisation’s accounts audited?
  9. Website and contact details.
  10. Information about how to donate to the charity (and what to donate) or volunteer to help.
  11. A list of upcoming events and what you need for them in terms of volunteers and sponsors (specifying material goods and funds).