Gallery aims to push local art across region

| 26/03/2015

(CNS): Cayman’s gallery director took part in an important regional arts conference last month that is designed to create opportunities for visual artists living in the Caribbean and to provide professional and economic development in the region for the arts. Natalie Urquhart explained that the conference, entitled ‘Tilting Axis’, could help to promote local artists across the region who have not traditionally played a part in the Caribbean art scene.

Cayman News Service

Participants at the Tilting Axis conference

“Historically Caymanian artists are removed from the vibrant regional art scene and subsequently rarely feature in regional exhibitions and publications,” she said. “Moving forward, it is critical that we become part of the wider regional dialogue and to explore opportunities for our artists and curators … By bringing together arts professionals from across the region, Tilting Axis has provided an unparalleled platform for collaboration and exchange and I look forward to moving ahead with several of the initiatives that were discussed which range from residency opportunities to shared resources and exhibitions.”

The conference aims to build and redefine relationships around cultural exchange between the Global North and the Global South.

Held in Barbados in late February, officials said the two-day conference was about forging infrastructure between several independent art organisations and museums operating across the Caribbean, the United States, Europe and China. It brought together the diverse leaders of these visual art development organisations to negotiate strategic regional and international alliances for the formalisation and further development of infrastructure, production and markets for Caribbean art.

The conference was organized by The Fresh Milk Art Platform, Inc., where the event was held, in collaboration with ARC Magazine, Res Artis and the Pérez Art Museum Miami, and was supported by the Prince Claus Fund, the British Council and the Davidoff Art Initiative.


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