‘Who you fa?’ NT offers to help people find out.

| 26/03/2015

Family trees(CNS): Local genealogy enthusiasts are offering to help local people find out exactly who they really are for in a genealogy speaker series hosted by the National Trust of the Cayman Islands. As Cayman grows and develops, the ancestry of the people living here gets more complicated and answering the question “who you fa?” gets harder, experts stated.

“Tracing Your Roots” begins on Wednesday 25 March at the National Archives and is free of charge but donations will be welcomed. Olivaire Watler, Cathy Frazier, Brainard Watler along with Denise Bodden of the National Trust will lead the panel discussion, which will show people how to trace their Caymanian roots.

While Caymanian identity has evolved over time, historically ancestors were said to be predominately from the United Kingdom and Africa. Today, however, the influences are much wider, which can make tracing genealogy (or “who you fa”) a bit more challenging.

“Whether you are adopted, have two Caymanian parents or one Caymanian and one expatriate, this lecture will assist in identifying ways people can connect the limbs of their family tree for medical history, legal reasons or just good old fashioned family pride,” organisers said. Panelists will discuss the best methods of research, whether locally or internationally, along with online resources and DNA testing. A sample of the Watler family tree will be on display as the National Trust is working to preserve three sites directly tied to one of the founding families of Cayman.

Although free to the public, the Trust welcomes donations towards historic Trust-owned properties that are being maintained for future generations.

For more information and to RSVP, email Denise Bodden at dbodden@nationaltrust.org.ky or call 749-1121. Space is limited. 


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