Consolidated Water supports coral project in Little Cayman

| 02/04/2015
Cayman News Service

CCMI Intern Emily Darani on a regular monitoring and cleaning dive at the coral nursery

(CNS): Cayman Water Company recently committed to contributing $19,500 to the Central Caribbean Marine Institute’s Coral Nursery project in Little Cayman. CWC committed to matching funds donated by the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund over a two year period and has already made the first installment of $9,750 in support of the Coral Nursery project.  The CCMI Coral Nursery project aims to enhance local populations of the once dominant staghorn coral, the abundance of which has been reduced by almost 90% due to disease, hurricanes and climate change over the past three decades.  It is hoped that these funds will support the outplanting of coral grown in the nursery back onto the reefs surrounding the Cayman Islands.

Peter Quilliam, Field Station Manager for CCMI noted, “We are grateful to Consolidated Water for investing in the future of vibrant coral reefs in the Cayman Islands. The coral nursery is one of CCMI’s most critical research and conservation projects, and CWC’s support is a very uplifting example of what we can achieve working together to help the natural environment regenerate itself.”

The Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the future of coral reefs through research, conservation, and education.

Gregory McTaggart, CWCO’s Vice President of Cayman Operations said, “The company is pleased to be given the opportunity to provide financial support to this very worthy project. We believe that the citizens of countries that protect and maintain healthy, natural environments enjoy a higher standard of living and better quality of life than others. And we apply the principles of sustainability and conservation in our own mission of providing the most essential element to life, clean wholesome drinking water.”

Cayman News Service

Gregory S. McTaggart (VP Cayman Ops, Consolidated Water) hands cheque to Peter Quilliam (Field Station Manager, CCMI)

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