TEDxUCCI to explore life without fear

| 10/04/2015
Cayman News Service

UCCI campus

(CNS): A TEDx event at the local university focusing on what people would do if they had no fear is schedule for 24 April at the UCCI campus and will include discussion, dance and music in a day-long event. The audience will be limited to just 75 people and anyone who wants to be in it will need to apply before next week’s 13 April deadline organisers said.

TEDxUCCI curator, Dr. J.D. Mosley-Matchett said the day-long event will inspire people to step out of their comfort zones, think innovatively, and exchange ideas fearlessly. “We’re excited that this celebration of ideas is really being student-run and student-led. This event is being designed from the ground up to be a way to enrich the UCCI community and its supporters in a way that can reach a global audience. Many TEDx presentations have gone viral, in part due to the power of this amazing brand,” she said.

Urging those who want to be part of the audience to sign up as soon as possible the question of what people would do if they had no fear will be examined from multiple viewpoints. Presentations at this first-ever UCCI event will range from environmental concerns, personal experiences, singing, dancing, and inspirational stories. The roster of speakers is available online at www.TEDxUCCI.ky where anyone interested in being an active audience member can also apply.


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