Volunteers brighten up the Brac

| 25/05/2015
Cayman News Service

Some of the volunteers who cleared the litter from Long Beach

(CNS): After cleaning the Long Beach coastline of Cayman Brac, volunteers from the Sustainable Sister Islands GREEN Team are heading underwater to spruce up the marine environment. Organisers are calling on divers, boaters, snorkellers and even though those who prefer to stay dry to join the effort, which begins 9 June at 11am.

Armed with mesh bags and hand snips, divers will clear up bottles, cans, assorted rubbish and fishing line. Those on land duty will be asked to clear trash along the shore, as well as work with snorkellers to help remove whatever the divers collect.

Eight volunteers from the GREEN (Grassroots/Recycling/Environmental Enhancement/Networking) Team have been involved in cleaning up Long Beach and have now declared the northeast and southeast ends of the Brac shoreline litter-free.

The team comprises local residents who feel official recycling efforts are falling short. Their ultimate aim is to build a recycling depot to increase collection of recyclables and properly dispose of solid waste.

Additional underwater sessions are planned for July and August, with beach clean-ups resuming in September.

For information on dates and times of clean-ups, contact Nina Banks at 928-0507.

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