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| 01/06/2015
Cayman News Service

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson (R) presents employee of the month certificate to Officer Witney Tatum

(CNS): Deputy Governor Franz Manderson has recognised two civil servants as top employees for February and March, naming Fire Service Divisional Officer Witney Tatum and Needs Assessment Unit (NAU) Higher Executive Officer Justin Ebanks, respectively.

In choosing Tatum, who is stationed on Cayman Brac, the deputy governor lauded the officer for setting a fine example and adhering to the highest ethical, moral and professional standards, emphasising his empathy for staff and the public.

“Your colleagues tell me that one of your personal mottos is ‘treat others as you would have them treat you’. Your ability to treat everyone with respect and dignity, be a model trainer to your staff and also remain scrupulously fair and honest throughout the years of your service is highly commendable,” he said. “These are a few of the reasons you were named ‘most efficient’.”

When choosing staff for this award, the nominator is asked to name one top characteristic of the individual, out of all his or her outstanding traits. The deputy governor pointed to Tatum’s efficiency.

For delivering high-quality service to his clients and staff members, among other qualities, Ebanks received the nod for March.

Also congratulating Ebanks for his efficiency, Manderson noted his ability to multi-task and credited him as one of the primary officers who ensured the unit remained operational despite relocating challenges. This included functioning in capacities ranging from handy man to providing IT services, all with the goal for the unit to continue functioning with minimal disruption during the move.

Cayman News Service

(L-R) Deputy Governor Franz Manderson; March employee of the month, Justin Ebanks; Ministry of Community Affairs Chief Officer Dorine Whittaker; and NAU Director Tamara Hurlston

“Thank you for demonstrating such a remarkable level of performance and commitment to the Cayman Islands Government,” Manderson said.

Tatum was praised for carrying the service motto “Saving Lives and Protecting Property” into the community, even when he is not on duty. He works to educate the public and promote fire-safety awareness and fire-risk reduction.

Focusing on public safety, Tatum was described as leading by example, performing fire-prevention activities and inspections of structures to ensure they are fire-safety compliant.

As a result, he recently took it upon himself to inspect a residence on Little Cayman based on a complaint of living conditions and is now working to resolve the issue by employing the most cost-effective method. He is known throughout the service as an officer who cares.

Commenting on his award, Tatum said: “I am deeply humbled by this honour. It was such a pleasant surprise. Such honours are rarely achieved solely by individuals. I truly appreciate and thank my fellow staff members for their contributions in this accomplishment as well as towards improving our service quality and standards.”

Even though facing a heavy workload as an integral part of the NAU team, Ebanks undertakes part-time studies and is currently on the Dean’s List. He frequently works well beyond office hours, including weekends, to meet clients’ needs, and help complete tasks assigned to his team and provide them continuous mentorship. He also encourages his team to learn and further their formal education.

Ebanks credits his team for his accomplishments. “I am delighted my team understands the importance of providing high quality service as civil servants. I applaud and thank them for their consistent commitment to ensuring NAU’s values are always upheld,” he said. “I am grateful to the DG for choosing me for this honour but could not have accomplished it without my team.”

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