GREEN group continues Brac clean-up

| 16/06/2015
Cayman News Service

GREEN Team volunteers after their latest clean-up

(CNS): The Sustainable Sister Islands GREEN Team will be holding its next underwater clean-up in the West End area of Cayman Brac 14 July at 11:00am, following a similar event earlier this month. Divers and their shoreline supporters recently cleared all kinds of debris from the Panama Canal/Handcuff Reef area.

The GREEN (Grassroots/Recycling/Environmental Enhancement/Networking) Team collected and bagged such items as fishing line and hooks, broken and whole bottles, plastic bags, cans, pipes and even a primary school chair. Volunteer Quincy Brown went the extra step by emptying a rain-filled recycling container of its contents, then crushing aluminium cans to return them for collection.

Those who want to take part in the July underwater cleaning project should meet at Scott’s Dock. Late mornings during weekdays are the safest times for the divers to work in busy areas. Organisers are also calling for shoreline supporters and snorkellers who can retrieve and empty filled mesh bags and return them to the divers.

The group is hoping that newly certified teens who will be out on summer break will volunteer for the next clean-up. The August date will be announced in July.

For more information on clean-ups, contact Nina Banks at 928-0507

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