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| 18/06/2015
Cayman News Service

Jose Daniel Unruch’s winning poster in the senior division

(CNS): Seven students were named winners in a poster competition held to highlight the threat to the marine environment from discarded fishing line and to promote a recycling programme. In honour of World Environment Day (5 June), the Department of Environment (DoE) asked children to create posters showing the damage caused by fishing line left in the sea, including dangers posed to corals, sponges, turtles, birds and other wildlife.

In the senior division, Jose Daniel Unruch (15, John Gray High School) came in first, with Mackenzie Morse and Michaela Morse (both 16, Triple C School) second and third, respectively.

Cayman News Service

In the junior division, posters by (left) Delissa Sarah Tatum (age 9, West End Primary School) and (below) Aiden Powery (9, home-schooled) were joint first-place winners. Sahara O’Connor (10, Red Bay Primary School) took second and Christian Perez (9, Sir John A Cumber Primary School) came in third.

Cayman News Service

Almost 100 students took part in the competition.

First-place entries in both categories will be used to create signs for fishing-line recycling bins, to be placed in approximately 40 locations across the three islands. Winning poster entries and those recognised for outstanding achievement will be displayed at the Cayman Turtle Farm from 19 June 2015, with other locations to be announced.

The DoE thanked the sponsors of this initiative, in particular Atlantis Submarine Cayman, which was responsible for all of the recycling bins and accompanying signs as well as some of the competition prizes. The department also thanked prize sponsors Camana Bay, Jean-Michel Cousteau’s Ambassadors of the Environment, Cayman Kayaks and Cayman Turtle Farm. CUC is supplying and installing poles to which the bins will be affixed.

Fishing-line recycling bins will be installed at dive shops, public boat ramps, fishing shops and other places across the three islands.  A full list of locations will be posted on the DoE website

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