Youngsters enjoy a day of Caymanian culture

| 29/06/2015
Cayman News Service

The Heritage Arts summer camp day showcased Caymanian culture and traditions

(CNS): Summer holiday started in June for a group of lucky youngsters, when they got the chance to soak up lots of Caymanian traditions and fun activities, and create local sweets, at a special Heritage Arts programme camp day.

Run by Cayman Traditional Arts, the government-sponsored programme teaches participants a broad understanding of Caymanian culture, art and heritage through weekly interaction with local highly skilled instructors.

Originally installed into the national curriculum two years ago for all year six students in government-run primary schools, the programme now also runs on Cayman Brac, in government high schools, in various private schools, the Lighthouse School and the Sunrise Adult Learning Centre.

Cayman News Service

Learning to use the bow and arrow

The summer camp day, held at Barker’s Beach in West Bay, was open to all Heritage Arts students and offered activities for the young people which their parents and their grandparents would have enjoyed, growing up in the Cayman Islands. These included snorkeling, fishing, learning the art of the bow and arrow, horseback riding and traditional games. The children even got the chance to ride in a catboat, once one of the most important modes of transport for local residents in years gone by.

Chris Christian, who runs Cayman Traditional Arts, explained they wanted the young students to gain a firsthand experience of life in the Cayman Islands, before electronic media took over keeping children indoors and preventing them from exploring the wonders of the outdoors.

“Young people need to appreciate their surroundings – it gives them a sense of history and perspective and, most importantly, it’s fun to enjoy the outdoors. We devised a day that was packed with so much entertainment that iPods and iPads could be forgotten for once,” he said.

Along with all the fun and games, students had the opportunity to create traditional Caymanian sweets, such as coconut candy balls and peppermint candies, as well as enjoy some fritters.

“It was a great day out,” Christian said. “My thanks go to all the organisers and volunteers who helped to make the day possible.”

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