Equestrians celebrate Olympic Day

| 01/07/2015
Cayman News Service

Riders aged 5 to 21 took part in the Olympic Day Handy Jumper competition (Photos by Ash Sands)

(CNS): Equestrians across the island recently celebrated Olympic Day with two very different competitions, for show jumpers and riders of all abilities.

For Event #1 of FEI’s World Jumping Challenge (WJC), top show jumpers from across the region competed in their own countries on their own horses, measuring themselves against each other over the same courses.

For the Olympic Day Handy Jumper, designed for participants of all abilities, riders had to negotiate jumps or cross rails and certain ‘gymkhana-style’ obstacles before dismounting and ‘walking the plank’ to the finish line.

Isabelle Smith and her horse, Edson Arantes MB, again took top honours in Event 1 of the WJC, having won the inaugural competition in Cayman in 2014. Smith posted four faults in each round and held her rhythm to scoop the blue ribbon. Second was newcomer Hannah Fowler, on her horse, Seligkeit. After a nervous first round clocking up 12 faults, Fowler went back in the arena and rode the only clear round of the competition over the second course, keeping her total faults to 12.

Cayman News Service

(L-R) Hannah Fowler, Isabelle Smith and Polly Serpell competed in the World Jumping Challenge

Polly Serpell rode two horses in the competition, Durango and Sunday’s Edition. Serpell placed third on Durango, with 16 faults, and fourth on Sunday’s Edition with 20 faults.

As well as receiving an individual placing amongst competitors within their country, the Cayman riders are given a ranking alongside others in the region, and these will be decided after Events 2 and 3 are held in the fall.

Serpell won Best Presented Horse at the Vet Jog the previous day with Sunday’s Edition, which was judged by local vet, Dr. Brandy Darby.

After the jumps were lowered, the Olympic Day Handy Jumpers set to work in teams of two, negotiating jumps, slalom cones of tennis balls, moving flags and a water obstacle. Competitors ranged in age from 5 to 18, and in ability from beginner to Youth Olympic Bronze Medalist Serpell. Teams were selected by a random draw and everyone was cheered on to complete the course in record time.

The winning team comprised Serpell on Pony Up and Laney Bodden on Star. Chloe Fowler won the 0.65m individual competition on Shirley and Serpell won the individual cross rails on Dreamy.

The equestrians rounded out the day with a BBQ to celebrate Olympic Day and the end of a long but fulfilling show season for 2014/15.

Full results of the Olympic Day Handy Jumper are as follows:

Team Results:

1st Phoebe Serpell/Pony Up and Laney Bodden/Star

2nd Madeleine Aquart/Rambo and Chloe Fowler/Lollipop

3rd Isabelle Smith/Katrina and Thea Millward/Blitzen

4th Chloe Fowler/Shirley and Hannah Fowler/Tony

5th Jenna Boucher/Katrina and Jenna Boucher/Caitlynn Harrington /Peanuts

6th Kelsey Bodden/Star and Marleigh Smith/Diamond

0.65m Results

1st Chloe Fowler/Shirley

2nd Phoebe Serpell/Pony Up

3rd Jenna Boucher/Katrina

4th Isabelle Smith/Katrina

5th Madeleine Aquart/Rambo

6th Madeleine Aquart/Rambo

X Rails Results

1st Phoebe Serpell/Dreamy

2nd Laney Bodden/Star

3rd Chloe Fowler/Lollipop

4th Thea Millward/Blitzen

5th Kyra Slattery/Diamond

6th Skye Buckley/Max

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