Feed Our Future gets corporate nourishment

| 17/07/2015
Cayman News Service

(L-R) Tabitha Crowley and Wanda Ebanks of Feed Our Future accept a donation from RBC Royal Bank representatives Lana Cranston and Kenisha Morgan-Taylor

(CNS): RBC Royal Bank recently donated $4,000 to the Feed Our Future Foundation, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to provide holistic nourishment to children in need.

The foundation’s programmes and social activities are geared specifically toward solving the problem of childhood hunger, and supporting the intellectual nourishment of children within the Cayman Islands.

The charity funds nutritionally balanced low-cost or free meals to children in need in both public and private schools, thereby serving the dual purpose of enriching the learning potential and health of the child while reducing the burden on the community that supports them.

“RBC Royal Bank is pleased to make this donation to the Feed Our Future Foundation,” said Michael Munnings, RBC Royal Bank country manager and area vice president. “We believe that our children are indeed the future, and they hold the keys to many solutions needed in our community and the world at large. No child should go hungry.”

According to Feed Our Future, the donation will have a major impact on the lives of the children the foundation serves, with $6 providing one meal and $1,000 covering school lunches for a child in need for an entire academic year.

The non-profit explains that hungry children are more likely to have low energy; be consistently late for, or absent from, school; be hyperactive; be disinterested; and have trouble concentrating, with lower self-esteem, and lower social skills than their peers.

Kenisha Morgan-Taylor, assistant manager products, marketing and channels, for RBC Royal Bank, said support for Feed Our Future will continue. “We are hoping not only to donate funds annually going forward, but also to have our staff volunteer where possible,” she said.


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