CIS enrols record number of students

| 28/08/2015
Cayman News Service

The entrance to Cayman International School

(CNS): The Cayman International School (CIS) has started the 2015-2016 school year with 582 students, its largest enrolment since the school officially opened in 2002. The school also welcomed a large group of new faculty and staff members to assist with the increase of students.

Jeremy Moore, director of CIS, said, “CIS is an elite school, but not an elitist one, and we are excited to be able to accommodate more students every year.”

Expansions have been made to the school infrastructure to include six new classrooms – four of which are scheduled for completion in October — and two student support offices.

The football field was upgraded this year to a FIFA 2-Star rating that approves it for professional-level usage. Nick Natale, a DECCO Ltd construction manager in charge of the additions and upgrades to the school, spoke of the new field.

“We wanted to build a football field that would last longer and be of higher quality, so a field that is FIFA-certified proved to be the best way to ensure that,” he said.

The football field is one of the shared facilities between CIS and Dart Enterprises Ltd, but the school is governed by International Schools Services, a non-profit organisation based in New Jersey, which aims to provide innovative services and solutions for institutions and corporations throughout the world.

CIS students represent more than 30 countries, with the Cayman Islands comprising the highest proportion of enrolment. Canada, Britain, Australia and Ireland are also well-represented.


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