CARE seeks home for Bo Bo the dog

| 02/09/2015
Cayman News Service

Bo Bo needs a home

(CNS): A dog found in the Barkers area earlier this year and taken in by the staff at Ristorante Pappagallo is now ready to be adopted, with help from CARE (Cayman Animal Rescue Enthusiasts). The organisation is appealing for someone to take home Bo Bo, who it believes was dumped in Barkers with another dog, who has since been placed in a home.

Both dogs somehow managed to make their way over to the restaurant, where they received food, water, medical care and lots of attention. The dogs were malnourished but Bo Bo was the worse off of the pair with issues including infected wounds on his back and face. Now fully healed, Bo Bo benefited greatly from the care of the Pappagallo staff.

The neutered male dog, about 60 lbs and 5 to 6 years old, is now healthy, fully vaccinated and heartworm-free. He seems to be a labrador/boxer/mastiff/terrier mix, better known as a West Bay mongrel, and has a short, copper-coloured coat.

According to CARE, he “gets a spring in his step when he sees the leash”, and also enjoys a dip in the ocean. The organisation also wants people to know that Bo Bo “will be a wonderful loyal companion and devoted pet for the person or family that adopts him”.

As part of his adoption, CARE will sponsor his microchip and a six-month supply of Heartguard.

Anyone interested in meeting Bo Bo and adopting or fostering-to-adopt can call 938-2273 or e-mail CARE

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