Stingray Swim Club dives into race season

| 30/09/2015
Cayman News Service

Stingray swimmers are ready to race (Photo by Stingray Swim Club)

(CNS): Stingray Swim Club’s (SSC) domestic, short-course season opens Friday 2 October, with the middle- and long-distance Friday Night Lights, followed the next day by the Cayman National Fall Sprint Meet.

Calling the sprint meet “a fun, action-packed event”, Amanda Roberts, SSC president, added, “We look forward to seeing everyone in the pool, on the deck or in the stands supporting the swimmers and encourage anyone who can to volunteer and be a part of the action.”

She also thanked sponsor Cayman National for its continued support of the annual meet, saying, “not-for-profit youth sporting organisations play an important role in the development of our youth and can’t survive without government, corporate and community support”.

Shari Whittaker, Cayman National marketing manager, spoke of the importance of young people being involved with sports. “All youth sports, but swimming in particular, provide our youth with outlets for staying fit; developing an attitude of discipline and focus; while instilling confidence and motivation.

“These young athletes learn the fundamentals of playing fair and working hard to achieve success while enjoying a sport that they can continue for the rest of their lives,” she said.

Noting that 2016 will mark the non-profit SSC’s 20th year, and calling that accomplishment “no small feat”, Whittaker said Cayman National was proud to be part of that success.

“[W]e encourage (the club) to continue promoting the sport of swimming in the Cayman Islands for swimmers who ‘just want to swim’ and for those who want to go on to compete and represent the Cayman Islands at a national level overseas,” she said.

Friday Night Lights starts at 5:30pm, and Saturday’s Cayman National Sprint Meet starts at 7:45am for warm up, with competitive action beginning at 8:00am.


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