Training ramps up for triathletes

| 03/09/2015
Cayman News Service

Matthew Kitching prepares for the 2015 triathlon

(CNS): After bad weather forced the cancellation of the first training series of the Cayman Islands Triathlon Association (CITA) on 30 August, the organisation has revised the schedule, with the three events set for 6 and 20 September, and 11 October.

In preparation for the Cayman Islands Triathlon, scheduled for 1 November, these build-up events not only help seasoned triathletes train and practise for race day, but also encourage first-time athletes to get involved.

Approximately 30 percent of the race-day distance will be covered at the 6 September event, with the Olympic portion comprising a 500m swim, eight mile cycle and two mile run, and the sprint composed of a 250m swim, four mile cycle and one mile run.

The 20 September series will cover 50 percent of the race-day distance — Olympic: 750m swim, 12 mile cycle and three mile run; sprint: 375m swim, six mile cycle and 1.5 mile run.

On 11 October, participants will complete about 75 percent of the race-day distance — Olympic: 1,100m swim, 18 mile cycle and 4.5 mile run; sprint: 550m swim, nine mile cycle and 2.2 mile run.

Each training series will start at 6:45am with triathletes expected to set up their equipment in transition by 6:30am and be down at the beach by 6:40am for a safety and course briefing.

CITA will provide water for bottle refills, but there will not be any other hydration or food provided. Participants are advised to be responsible for their own gear, fuel and hydration. Bike racks will be provided. There will be no official timekeeping, first aid, directions/traffic control or bike technicians.

Registration is handled separately for each race, so series participants can participate in as few or as many events as they would like.

More information about the training series can be found at the Cayman Islands Triathlon Association website


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