Church symposium tackles familial responsibility

| 02/10/2015
Cayman News Service

Pastor Ronaldo da Cunha and his wife, Dr. Doroti da Cunha

(CNS): The Kings Seventh-day Adventist Church is holding a symposium this weekend (2-4 October) covering topics including domestic violence, conflict resolution, and the responsibilities of husbands and fathers. The programme of seminars and church services will feature visiting presenters Pastor Ronaldo da Cunha and his wife, Dr. Doroti da Cunha, who is a certified health coach.

The programme is designed as part of the men’s ministry for the Adventist Conference so Pastor da Cunha will tailor some sessions specifically to the needs of men, with Doroti da Cunha holding seminars for women. Joint sessions will be held on topics suitable for the whole congregation.

The seminars will kick off with men-only sessions on Friday, at 7pm, and Saturday, at 4:30pm, both at Kings Church; the women’s seminars will be held at the same times at the adjacent Cayman Academy Hall. The pastor will lead the joint sessions on Saturday morning, with the divine service beginning at 10:45am. The weekend symposium will end with a men-only session on Sunday starting at 7pm.

Speaking about some of the perceived needs driving the initiative, Pastor Jeff Jefferson, minister for Kings Church, said that men are being asked to embrace and fulfil many predetermined roles, the expectations for which they did not all set.

“That, nevertheless, does not make us men less obligated or even less willing to fulfil them,” he said. “One of the significant questions, therefore, that we hope the sessions will help men answer is how to align their masculinity with the beliefs, values, spiritual virtues, behaviour, and societal roles and functions from which these expectations derive.”

The da Cunhas have served over their lifetime as spiritual and health coaches, in churches in Brazil, the US, Canada, Costa Rica and Mexico. He is the pastor of the Kissimmee Church District in Central Florida and the director for men’s ministry for the Florida Adventist Conference.

The free sessions are open to all interested persons.


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