Civil service aims to rebrand image

| 26/10/2015
Cayman News Service

The Cayman Brac summit participants and facilitators

(CNS): The Cayman Islands civil service has launched consultations to develop a five-year strategic plan to create a new image for government workers. One of the sessions, held on Cayman Brac earlier this month, brought together about 60 civil servants and external stakeholders.

The summits promote participation from government staff at all levels, as they work alongside external stakeholders to identify moments when the civil service has been at its best, as the basis for improvement.

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson told the Brac participants, “By focusing on what works we can make a shift in the civil service, so that those moments of excellence can become business as usual.”

The six summits, comprising various focus groups, will conclude with a session in Little Cayman on 13 November.

Referring to the Brac summit, Manderson said, “The highlight for me was having the opportunity to hear so many inspirational stories, and to see the commitment and pride that this exercise generated among civil servants. We all want a world-class civil service; we needed a strategy to get us there, which motivates civil servants to do their very best every day.”

National Workforce Development Agency manager, training and development, Dianne Conolly, who participated in one of the summits, found it “inspiring and productive”.

She added, “It was particularly empowering to know that I am contributing to positive change within my organisation, the civil service. The shared vision of where we are headed has created a passion which, with the support of all, can become a reality.”

Head of human resources at Maples and Calder, Morven Bodden, described the summits as “an exercise in innovative and outside-the-box thinking”.

“It was refreshing to be a part of a diverse group of private and public sector individuals with a mandate to focus on our positive civil service experiences, developing dynamic strategic statements designed to reimagine our ideal civil service,” she said.


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