CIS hosts Inter-school Model United Nations event

| 08/12/2015
Cayman News Service

Students from Triple C, St. Ignatius and Cayman International School
who attended the first Cayman Islands Model UN (CAYMUN) Conference

(CNS): A group of over 30 students gathered at Cayman International School (CIS) to discuss the migrant crisis in Eastern Europe on 13 November. Students from Triple C and St Ignatius joined teams with students at CIS to represent delegations from the various countries involved in the migrant crisis. The aim was to reach a resolution for the crisis which all the represented countries could agree on. The event, named CAY-MUN, is the first time that a local, inter-school Model United Nations Conference has been hosted not just by CIS but in the Cayman Islands.

Model UN is an educational simulation or academic competition where students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. Model UN committees can be divided into three general sessions: formal debate, moderated caucus, and unmoderated caucus. During a Model UN Conference, delegates need to produce resolution papers which detail specific and realistic strategies to combat real-world issues which the UN itself is or has been discussing. Participation in these conferences helps students to develop their public speaking skills and global awareness in a safe and mentally stimulating environment, whilst also teaching the importance of collaboration and communication between individuals and nations.

A spokesperson for CIS said the school was elated to bring this experience home to the Cayman Islands after having experienced it for themselves for the first time three years ago. In December 2012, the CIS Model UN team became the first team on island to ever attend an inter-school Model UN event.  They attended the 9th Chicago International Model UN Conference (CIMUN) representing Kyrgyzstan and Tunisia. A group of 10 high school students from 9th to 12th Grade attended the four-day conference held at the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Chicago.

As well as a modern day simulation, CIMUN also runs a historic simulation at the conference and the students have the opportunity to recreate past events and perhaps choose a different course of action. Since its first year there, CIS has continued to attend the CIMUN conference every year, gradually being able to participate in more committees, such as the International Press Delegation and the International Court of Justice.

This year a team of 16 CIS students will attend the 12th CIMUN from 9-14 December. They will represent the country of Jordan and have acquired a much coveted seat on the Security Council.

One of the CIS team members, Sarah Fresard, commented, “CIMUN is a highlight of the school year for me. I have tried both large and small committee sessions over the years and the experiences have been unforgettable, I’ve learned so much and I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many people who, though simulated, share the same goal which is to bring peace to the world.”

Fresard is the last remaining founding member of CIS’ first Model UN team. She is a graduating senior who will attend her fourth and final High School Model UN Conference this year at CIMUN XII. With her seniority and seasoned knowledge of the operations of a Model UN Conference, she took on the role of secretary on the dais at the student-led CAY-MUN conference.  As secretary it was her responsibility to monitor and record the proceedings and to ensure that the delegates were following procedure.

“Sarah has represented the school and the Cayman Islands brilliantly, and her dedication to the team has inspired younger students to join and take part in the school’s Model UN team,” the school spokesperson said.

CIS intends to yet again bring home the experiences of this year’s CIMUN trip to share with other local schools as they prepare for another CAY-MUN Inter-School Conference next year. It is the goal of CIS to continue to develop CAY-MUN to encourage every high school on island to send delegates to participate in, and experience a Model UN conference. They hope that the growth in local conferences will lead to a larger representation of students as delegates from the Cayman Islands at an international conference level.

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