Heroes Day insignia pays homage to agriculture

| 14/01/2016
Cayman News Service

The National Heroes Day insignia

(CNS): The Protocol Office has unveiled the design for the 2016 National Heroes Day commemorative insignia, which this year symbolises the significance of agriculture to the Cayman Islands. Each year a new insignia is created to reflect the changing theme of the event, which takes place Monday, 25 January.

Created through collaboration among the National Heroes Day Committee, the National Archives and Government Information Services, the insignia will be presented to recipients of the early pioneer and pioneer awards in agriculture. Made from metal and enamel, it can be pinned to clothing to be worn at special occasions.

“Each year, we design an insignia which is historically meaningful to the Cayman Islands and the theme of National Heroes Day,” said Meloney Syms from the Protocol Office, which organises the event. “This time we are honouring those in agriculture so it is only fitting that we have designed the insignia to reflect our farming heritage.”

Significant features of the insignia include “rows” which represent plantations known locally as “grounds”; a groundsman and girl, denoting early farming pioneers; and a thatch hut, thatch baskets and hats, which highlight the importance of the Cayman Islands’ native tree to agriculture and daily life in days gone by.

Other features include a donkey, which was used by farmers as a beast of burden; a water drop to show the importance of fresh water on islands with no rivers or lakes; and the ladybird beetle, which combats destructive mealybugs and helps protect crops.

In addition, clouds and sucker/trees represent the three islands that comprise Cayman; the double helix is symbolic of the role that science plays in agriculture; and red and blue are the national colours of the Cayman Islands.

Government Information Services staff graphic designer Kara Coe, art director Charles Gilman and writer Lennon Christian created the insignia.

Each award recipient will get a souvenir booklet that explains all of the design features.

A commemorative poster highlighting the history of agriculture in the Cayman Islands will also be issued to attendees at the National Heroes Day celebrations.

For more information on National Heroes Day, contact the Protocol Office at 244-3612 or by email


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