CIS expands classrooms for the new year

| 15/01/2016
Cayman News Service

CIS secondary students rearrange the desks and chairs to engage in a group activity

(CNS): As part of ongoing expansion plans to accommodate annual increases in enrolment, Cayman International School (CIS) has completed work on two elementary classrooms, four multi-functional secondary classrooms, two student support centres and a video/media room. The ergonomic classrooms enable students and teachers to adjust the chairs and workstations, with the furniture on casters so it can be easily moved.

In addition, desks can be raised to enable students to stand while they learn and work together. Classrooms to be converted or rearranged for a variety of lesson designs and multi-functional purposes.

“Classroom design is a fundamental element of teaching and learning. It reflects educational philosophies and can have a significant impact on student engagement and achievement,” said CIS director Dr Jeremy Moore.

Research was conducted on classroom design concepts that embrace 21st century learning and progressive pedagogical approaches, and the most suitable design was chosen to accommodate the needs to expand the school’s current infrastructure. Through the collaboration of various local companies, the second phase of expansions and renovations were completed in time for the new year.

Nick Natale of DECCO Ltd has been the project manager of the expansion since the first phase, which was completed in 2014. “The expansion project was designed to take place in three phases with the majority of construction taking place each time over the long summer holidays,” he explained.

“[The teams] that collaborated, drew on the lessons learned from phase one of the expansion project, and also drew on individual expertise and strong teamwork throughout.”

He added that the third phase of the expansion is scheduled to start in June 2016, adding a second floor onto Building E to provide new classroom space, along with additional washroom facilities and the covering of two stairwells.


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