Public invited to nominate diving pioneers

| 02/03/2016
Cayman News Service

Scuba diving in Cayman (Photo courtesy of Department of Tourism)

(CNS): For the first time, members of the public are being asked for nominations for a local honouree at this year’s International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame (ISDHF). The Ministry of Tourism is looking for local trailblazers in the sport of scuba diving to join the esteemed group of more than 30 members who have been recognised as local honourees since 2003.

Each submission will be reviewed by a panel inclusive of the ISDHF board of directors with recommendations put forward to the ministry for confirmation. The review panel is looking for individuals who have made a significant contribution by leading or aiding the dive industry in the Cayman Islands. The contribution can be through development, promotion, a positive environmental impact or by having played a noteworthy role in the area of dive travel/tourism.

Deputy Premier and Minister of Tourism Moses Kirkconnell, said: “We are looking for honourees that are pioneers and household names in Cayman’s scuba diving and watersports industries and I am excited to see who will be nominated by members of the public this year.”

Founded in 2000 by the ministry, the ISDHF recognises international and local pioneers who have made outstanding contributions to the recreational scuba diving industry, at a yearly ceremony held in Grand Cayman. This year’s ISDHF awards gala is set for Friday, 30 September.

Director of Tourism Rosa Harris, added, “The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism (DoT) and the ISDHF board are thrilled to receive submissions from members of the public for consideration as a local honouree. Through this process, we hope to receive numerous candidates who have contributed to making the Cayman Islands one of the best watersports destination in the world.”

To nominate an individual or for more information, visit the Department of Tourism website or email the DoT

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