Courts celebrate work of CIFEC interns

| 29/03/2016
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(L-R, back row) Malik Bonthorne-McField; Cecile Collins, deputy clerk of court – criminal; Enfield Bush; Akeem Hydol; Shiona Allenger, senior deputy clerk of court – civil; Patricia Muschette, HR manager; Tyshawn Whittaker; Makayla Rankin; Jhannaye Bodden; and Paul Morgan. (L-R, front row) Tania Johnson, career advisor at CIFEC; Lenisha Ebanks; and Belaine Bodden

(CNS): A ceremony was held at court on Tuesday, 22 March, as a mark of appreciation for nine students who have been interning with the Judicial Administration for the past six months. The youngsters, who were presented with certificates, are part of the Year 12 Internship Programme at the Cayman Islands Further Education Centre (CIFEC) and have been working in a number of areas around the courts.

“Interns are not simply placed in roles where they are given tasks that are considered mundane or tedious – in fact we make every effort ensure they are strategically placed, based on the competence, ability, personality and desired goals,” said Patricia Muschette, human resource manager at the Judicial Administration.

“They are given tasks that challenge and empower them and are also encouraged, based on their time with us, to dress as if part of the staff.”

Many of the interns have been acting the role of court marshal, which requires that they open and close court sessions, helping to enhance their public speaking abilities.

The student who took part in the programme were Jhannaye Bodden (family proceedings unit), Malik Bonthorne-McField (marshal), Akeem Hydol (family proceedings unit/marshal), Enfield Bush (finance/HR), Tyshawn Whittaker (IT), Paul Morgan (family proceedings unit), Lenisha Ebanks (criminal/finance), Belaine Bodden (civil) and Makayla Rankin (court marshal).

“These nine individuals from CIFEC really hit the ground running and have fitted in well with the department,” Muschette said. “While advised it was fine to wear their school uniforms, each one decided they wanted to dress in professional attire or the department’s uniform just to fit in and look the part.

“It’s also quite encouraging to see how other members of staff embrace and encourage our interns. This encouragement has come in the form of bus fare, attire for work, lunch money or even rides home and guidance where needed.”

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