Free HIV tests offered as part of awareness campaign

| 17/06/2016

CNS Local Life(CNS): Members of the public are being encourage to take advantage of free HIV tests next week as the local health authority joins forces with the Cayman AIDS Foundation and the Cayman Islands Red Cross to mark HIV Testing week from 20 to 25 June, which includes the Regional HIV Testing Day (RTD) on 24 June, part of a Pan Caribbean campaign to raise awareness.

HSA Health Promotion Officer Therese Prehay said, “Regional Testing Day has become a permanent fixture on the calendar of Caribbean countries for the past nine years and has expanded to 21 territories, providing an opportunity for persons to ‘know their status’.”

While the testing day will be observed on 24 June and focus on ‘know your status’, Cayman’s week of activities will be aimed at promoting heightened awareness of the prevention and spread of HIV.

In addition, educational awareness on the Elimination of Mother to Child Transmission (EMTCT) of HIV and congenital syphilis in the Cayman Islands, as well as knowing individual HIV status will be highlighted.

HIV coordinator, nurse Laura Elniski, said that “the overarching objective of this annual regional initiative is to heighten public awareness on the critical importance of voluntary counselling and testing in preventing the transmission of HIV infection and to encourage persons to get tested.”

Free HIV testing will be offered from 20 to 25 June at all district health centres in Grand Cayman, Faith Hospital on Cayman Brac, Little Cayman public health clinic and other locations across the islands.

No appointment is necessary during the week and the waiting time for testing is usually no more than 10 minutes. Persons who are seeking testing or counselling can indicate to the registration clerks that they would like to register for free HIV screening. The testing procedure involves a quick and simple blood test. Results are available within three working days.

The results are given only to the patient, who must return to the clinic where the test was taken to retrieve the results, which will not be available over the telephone to protect the confidentiality of the individual and to offer counselling, if necessary.

Read more about HIV testing here

HIV Testing Sites

George Town,

General Practice Clinic

June 20-24

(Monday – Friday)

9 am – 1 pm 244-2507
Bodden Town Health Centre June 20-24

(Monday – Friday)

9 am – 1 pm 947-2299
West Bay Health Centre June 20, 21, 23, 24

(Mon., Tues, Thurs., Fri.)

9 am – 1 pm 949-3439
East End Health Centre June 20-24

(Monday – Friday)

1– 3 pm (Mon)

9 am – 1 pm (Tues. – Fri.)

North Side Health Centre June 20-24


1– 3 pm (Mon, Wed, Thurs)

9 am – 1 pm (Tues, Fri)

Cayman AIDS Foundation

(The Village Centre)

June 20 and 22

(Monday, Wednesday)

2 – 6 pm (Mon)

5 – 7 pm (Wed)

Cayman Islands Red Cross

(Huldah Ave.)

June 21 and 23

(Tuesday, Thursday)

5 – 7 pm 244-2507


University College of the

Cayman Islands

June 24


2 – 4 pm 244-2507


Seven Mile Beach

Medical Clinic

June 25


10 am – 2 pm 244-2507
Faith Hospital, Cayman Brac June 20-24

(Monday – Friday)

9 am – 1 pm 948-2243
Little Cayman Clinic June 21


9 am – 1 pm 948-0072

For more information about HIV Testing Week, contact nurse Laura Elniski at 244-2507


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Once again the question has to be asked why are they still using an expensive lab test with a three-day turn round when rapid test kits can produce the same results on the spot?

    In both the UK and the USA walk-in test centres are pretty the much the norm now so why the reluctance here?

    Maybe it’s simply because the labs have a vested interest in not allowing these cheap, easy to use kits to take work away from them? The whole AIDS testing thing, whether it’s voluntary like this or the mandatory tests for WPs, has turned into a bit of a money-making scam hasn’t it?