New company donates savings to NCVO families

| 23/06/2016
CNS Local

Andre Espeut of Club Save and Alta Solomon of the NCVO

(CNS): A recently launched company is already giving back to the community, with Club Save donating 79 memberships, at $25 each, to the parents of children who attend Miss Nadine’s Preschool and the Jack and Jill Nursery under the National Council of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO). The donated memberships to the savings club, which offers discounts at 59 businesses in Cayman, are worth a total of $1,975.

Andre Espeut, the founder and managing director of Club Save, which opened for business 25 May, said, “We are already giving back to the community; we are here to create a change in the Cayman Islands by making life more affordable.”

NCVO coordinator Alta Solomon thanked the new company for its support.  “We are so happy to be able to pass along this amazing donation of Club Save cards, what a great way to help so many people,” she said.

The NCVO Children Services runs several programmes which assist hundreds of children and families in Cayman’s community, including the Nadine Andreas Residential Foster Home, the Jack and Jill Nursery and Miss Nadine’s Pre-School.

For more information on donating or becoming involved with the NCVO, go to its website or email Alta Solomon 


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