Premier meets youth parliamentarians

| 20/07/2016
CNS Local Life

Premier Alden McLaughlin (centre) meets Michael Webb (left) and Aquinnah Ebanks

(CNS): Premier Alden McLaughlin met two young people preparing to represent the Cayman Islands at a regional conference, in his Government Administration Building office on Friday, 18 July 2016. McLaughlin chatted with youth parliamentarians Aquinnah Ebanks and Michael Webb, who are set to travel to the 41st regional conference of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association in Nassau, Bahamas, later this month.

The pair will join other young people from around the Caribbean at the 17th regional Youth Parliament, where they will debate a resolution to strengthen the union among all the nations of the Caribbean, the Americas and the Atlantic region.

Asked about his discussion with the young people, McLaughlin said, “I was delighted to spend time with the Youth Parliament representatives before they head to the Bahamas next week. They will be debate some issues which are very important to the Cayman Islands and to the world.

“From my own perspective, it was also extremely interesting to hear what the next generation thinks about the issue of globalisation.”

Ebanks and Webb, who took part in the local Youth Parliament in March, are working with mentors to prepare for the regional event.


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