Father and son complete 500-mile cycle for charity

| 10/08/2016
CNS Local Life

Tim Dailey on the road in Iowa

(CNS): A father and son have cycled across Iowa as part of the world’s oldest, largest and longest road tour. Tim Dailey and son, Alex, 9, cycled 500 miles in the 44th annual Registers Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI), a seven-day journey, raising funds for three Cayman charities. They will be donating US$1,000 each to Cayman HospiceCare, the Cayman Islands Cancer Society and One Dog at a Time.

“We set US$3,000 as a target thinking it would be a nice round US$1,000 for each of the charities,” said Tim Dailey. “However, the story of his ride was picked up by local Cayman media, the Des Moines Register newspaper in Iowa and the GoFundMe organisation also asked to use his experience as a story, and the result was some anonymous and unknown donors sent in funds. That was very satisfying and helped Alex focus on the ride.”

CNS Local Life

Tim and Alex Dailey during their RAGBRAI adventure

Alex took up road riding a little more than a year ago and has participated in local charity rides since getting involved in the sport. Tim Dailey, a long-time affiliate of Cayman Water which helped sponsor the two riders, has also supported the company’s annual Pete Ribbins Memorial Ride, now in its fourth year.

“We were delighted to have Cayman Water’s support for our RAGBRAI ride,” the elder Dailey said. “Alex enjoys getting out on his bike and decided to use the weeklong RAGBRAI tour ride to raise funds for three of his favoured charities.”

Following on from RAGBRAI, both Daileys say they are looking forward to the somewhat shorter (and flatter) Cayman Water Pete Ribbins Memorial Ride on 14 August.

“It will be a pleasant change to be back on the much less hilly roads of Cayman,” Tim Dailey said, adding, “As fun as RAGBRAI was, the hills were something new and challenging to us, but I think we would both do it again in a heartbeat.”

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  1. An Iowan says:

    Does anyone do any fact checking in Cayman? This is not 500 miles as the story suggests and is in fact the third shortest route ever at 420 miles. Also the 24th flattest.

    Congratulations for completing it nevertheless, it is a great bonding experience I am sure and gr at fundraiser.


    • Didja says:

      If you check the exchange rate I think you will find it is 420CI and 500US… 😉

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. Anonabike says:

    I’m a little uncomfortable that a small boy aged 9 was encouraged to take on a 500 mile bikeathon. I know he’s happy and all, but would a cycle coach allow it? That’s a tough marathon for a developing body.

    • I didit says:

      Then you would be really concerned for the 8 and younger ones… It was a tour, not a race I am told. Take all day and do what you can…