Air traffic controllers celebrated

| 20/10/2016
CNS Local Life

Some of the air traffic controllers at Owen Roberts

(CNS Local Life): The Cayman Islands Airports Authority is recognising the work of its air traffic controllers (ATCs) as part of the celebration of International Day of the Air Traffic Controller today (Thursday, 20 October). The day commemorates the founding of the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers’ Association in 1961. Cayman’s ATCs are tasked with maintaining a safe, orderly and expeditious flow of air traffic.

These men and women are responsible for flight movements on the ground, clearing the aircraft for take-off and coordinating its movements in the air space surrounding the three islands.

While the job is very demanding, the group of controllers at the Owen Roberts and Charles Kirkconnell international airports said in a CIAA press release that they are more than happy to face the challenges since their role is also very rewarding.

ATC manager Erick Bodden said of the work and his staff: “This field is one that is constantly changing as technological advancements present themselves and I am so happy to be a part of this team of young Caymanian professionals who are not only recognised locally, but also internationally and often referred to as some of the industry’s best. Becoming an air traffic controller is no doubt one of my life’s greatest achievements.”

ATC supervisor Joshua Burke, who works at Charles Kirkconnell, added, “I love my job, there are no two days alike and each day comes with its own unique challenges. You are constantly learning and implementing new ways of providing an essential service in a safe and expeditious manner, to keep up with the rapid growth of air travel around the world.” 

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