Drama Society “breezes” through Broadway

| 28/10/2016

Cayman Islands Play Review

(CNS Local Life): A handful of famous show tunes, men dressed in pink feather boas and a packed lively crowd all made for a fun and vibrant opening night of Cayman Drama Society’s A Breeze Through Broadway on Thursday, 27 October. The production is the brainchild of director Beverly Edgington. Consisting of a tour of acclaimed songs from many Broadway shows, old and new, we are taken on a ride through the soundtracks of Tony Award winners and other golden productions.

Having received lots of positive feedback on various Cayman Drama Society productions over the years, with people often asking for runs to be extended, the idea came about to put together a musical compilation of songs from previous shows, such as Rent and Hairspray, along with other Broadway classics.

Thus, a wonderful night of musical theatre was born, and there couldn’t have been a better cast to take the audience on this journey through Broadway magic. The incredibly talented 12-member ensemble performed seamlessly, with their dynamic voices blending marvellously together. The cast members performed very well individually and in their duets and sub-ensemble numbers. There appeared to be fantastic chemistry between the cast members and they impressed with the emotion and personality each member displayed.

Solo performances by Arek Nicholson, Bella Rooney, David Verhoeven, Neil Rooney and Sophie Gough especially stood out on the night, with their voices bringing much power and colour to each song. Members of the Cayman Music School/The Music Room superbly performed the live music for the production, with original instrumental backing tracks also employed for some performances.

The night was truly a “breeze” through Broadway, with each song in the production providing an entertaining snippet of the highlighted show, and then moving smoothly on to the next number. I have regrettably not seen many of the productions the Cayman Drama Society has put on over the years, but the dazzling performance of each song in A Breeze Through Broadway gave me a good taste of the quality of the shows I have missed.

Capped by a stunning encore performance by the whole cast to the cheers of the sold-out audience, the Cayman Drama Society has once more raised the curtain on a successful opening night.

A Breeze Through Broadway runs for three shows only, ending Saturday, 29 October.


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