Rotary helps Bahamas after Hurricane Matthew

| 11/10/2016
CNS Local Life

Rotarians in Bahamas loading relief supplies sent from Cayman

(CNS Local Life): Fewer than 24 hours after Hurricane Matthew passed over Nassau, Bahamas, Rotarians in the Cayman Islands were collecting supplies for that nation. Having experienced devastating hurricanes themselves, members of the service organisation set up drop locations for donations. In asking for help from the Cayman community, Al Thompson, past president of Rotary Club Central, said, “Think about what you needed after hurricane Ivan. Everything right? Our neighbours to the north are in the same situation and it’s now our turn to become the givers.”

The supplies were loaded on a Bahamasair jet that arrived in Nassau the evening of Friday, 7 October, with cargo consigned to the Rotary Club of East Nassau.

Bahamas Rotarians were eventually able to clear and collect the supplies from the airport Sunday morning. All together 20 pallets of goods were loaded onto three Rotary trucks. A portion of the donations will be handed over to local agencies, which specialise in specific relief efforts. The remaining items will be utilised by the local Rotary support teams for hands-on relief work.

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