Students awarded scholarships to study law

| 06/10/2016
CNS Local Life

(L-R) Scholarship recipients Kiah Estwick and Ashley DaCosta

(CNS Local Life): A local law firm has named two Caymanian students as joint recipients of its $25,000 scholarship, which is known as the Legal Education Award. Conyers Dill & Pearman awarded Ashley DaCosta and Kiah Estwick each $12,500 scholarships, calling them “exceptional candidates” in a press release. “I was excited to learn that I was a recipient of the scholarship,” said DaCosta. “My passion for law lies in the belief that a legal career enables one to influence society in a positive way by upholding and protecting a culture of justice, peace and order.”

Whilst DaCosta has been accepted at the University of Essex to study law, she admitted that prior to her experience with Conyers, she was not certain whether a career in law was in her future.

“It is out of my work experience with Conyers that I became driven to pursue a legal career,” she said. “I am honoured to be associated with such a great firm.”

Last year’s scholarship recipient, Joseph “Zeppi” Barefoot, said he was pleased to have his funding renewed for the 2016/2017 calendar year. Barefoot is in his second year of a master’s degree in law programme at the University of Bristol.

CNS Local Life

Joseph “Zeppi” Barefoot

“From day one Conyers left me with a great impression,” he said. “Obtaining their legal scholarship, as well as interning during the summer has motivated me to excel in my masters and eventually come back to work with the firm after my studies.”

As part of the renewal of his scholarship, Barefoot spent August with the law firm, interning under various attorneys. Three other Caymanian students also participated in the internship programme: Sean-Anna Thompson, Alaye McLaughlin and Cory Hunter.

The four-week paid internships took place during July and August, with the aim of fuelling students’ desires to continue their legal education and consider joining Conyers after graduation.

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