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| 19/10/2016
CNS Local Life

Maria Zingapan talks to students about the ESO’s Cayman at a Glance brochure

(CNS Local Life): Staff from the Economics and Statistics Office (ESO) gave 34 high school students at Wesleyan Christian Academy hands-on experience in how to conduct a random survey and a quick census Monday, 17 October, as part of Statistics Week activities. ESO director Maria Zingapan led the group of grade 9-12 students, who also participated in a facts quiz.

Following a brief survey of a sample group of seven out of 34 students for a 20.5% sampling, the class got an understanding of how statistics are used to get a snapshot of the entire group’s views. They also learnt that the ESO conducts samplings of the Cayman Islands’ population through its various periodic surveys, such as the Labour Force Survey, to gauge the parameters of the Cayman Islands’ economy.

Statistical officers Ivan McLean and Narnia Ebanks, along with accounts officer Joyce Christian, worked with Zingapan to conduct an impromptu quiz about facts and stats contained in the ESO’s Cayman at a Glance. This mini-brochure, which was distributed to all the students, provides a succinct statistical summary of the Cayman Islands economy.

Ten students won prizes for correct answers while all the young people received a token gift for taking part. Teachers Robert Livingston, Ladonna Rolle and Daphne Ellis were on hand to facilitate the activities.

“It was more rewarding and certainly exciting to see the enthusiasm and energy with which the students participated in the exercise,” said Zingapan. “I hope this has enthused some of our local students to take up careers in economics and statistics as well as understand the importance of statistics in so many aspects of professional lives. I am very pleased at this energetic start of this year’s Statistics Week.”

The week’s activities also include an interactive session with students at Clifton Hunter High School, daily “Do You Know?” sessions ending with a quiz on Radio Cayman’s Talk Today as well as community service by ESO staff at the Pines retirement home.

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