Customs officers start 2017 with promotions

| 30/12/2016
CNS Local Life

Kevin Walton

(CNS Local Life): Acting deputy collectors Kevin Walton and Jeff Jackson have been promoted to deputy collectors in the Customs Department, effective 1 January 2017. Congratulating the officers, Collector of Customs Charles Clifford said, “I am confident they will continue to effectively lead the officers under their command and will do our country proud.”

Promotions are an important development in the progression of the department’s succession plan, he added. “Succession planning in an organisation the size of Customs is never about one person or post but rather about the short-, medium- and long-term plan for the entire organisation which by its very nature must include all officers,” he said. “In that regard, we anticipate additional promotions to various ranks in the near term.”

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson congratulated the two men “for their dedication to their jobs and the motivation they provide their peers and subordinates. The succession planning process has great motivational value and makes for greater job satisfaction”.

Adding his kudos, Financial Secretary and Chief Officer in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development Kenneth Jefferson said, “Both Mr Walton and Mr Jackson have shown that dedication, diligence and hard work, often beyond the call of duty, produce rewarding results.

“Their exemplary records and performance throughout the years they have served the Customs Department have consistently benefited the department and ultimately the people of these Islands. I wish them the best in their new assignments and look forward to continued excellence at their jobs.”

CNS Local Life

Jeff Jackson

Both officers have substantial experience in customs management.

Walton, with nearly 30 years with the department, has risen up from the ranks to his present position. With a diploma in executive customs management from the University of Canberra, in collaboration with the Caribbean Customs Law Enforcement Council, he is pursuing a bachelor of science degree in business administration at the International College of the Cayman Islands.

In June 2016, he was inducted into the Sigma Beta Delta International Honour Society for his academic achievement in business. Walton also serves as a member of the Public Transport Appeals Tribunal and the Special Economic Zone Authority.

Commenting on his promotion, he said, “I look forward to the many challenges ahead, and working cohesively with Customs management team and our employees in order to achieve the department’s mission and objectives.

“Also, I plan to continue building partnerships with key internal and external stakeholders and trading partners.  Furthermore, I plan to continue enhancing relationships with our local and overseas law enforcement agencies.”

Jackson, who joined the department as a customs officer 31 years ago, moved up the ranks to his present position. He continues to build his career through further learning opportunities and has obtained an executive certificate in global leadership.

Jackson is pursuing a master’s degree in business administration. He is also involved in several community programmes and contributes his time working closely with young people to help encourage them to think for themselves, withstand peer pressure, and reach out to parents, teachers, or law enforcement officers to make positive choices in life.

He said of his promotion: “The position comes with a lot of responsibility and hard work but I think most understand the kind of person I am; that there’s integrity, accountability and discipline, but also compassion, understanding, commitment, dedication and respect, and I intend to continue leading by example in these areas.”


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  1. Anonymous says:

    So many great things happening in the Civil service.

    • Annonymous says:

      I am so happy for these two!

      Both are efficient, honest and hardworking Civil Servant.

      Congratulations Kevin and Jeff! Well deserved promotion!