Judicial Administration employees study management

| 02/12/2016
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Senior government officials with graduates of the management course

(CNS Local Life): Nine Judicial Administration (JA) staff members graduated last month from the first tier of an international management certification programme. The nine, who hold or have acted in supervisory positions, completed the six-month foundations of management certificate (FoM) course, the first of three modules leading to certified manager (CM) accreditation by the Institute of Certified Professional Managers (ICPM).

The course comprised online resources and classroom instruction at the Civil Service College (CSC), facilitated by Lancelott Barnes, the civil service project manager for e-government. Andrea Fa’amoe, director of human capital development at the Portfolio of the Civil Service and CSC head, helped arrange the course.

The graduates are Sheron Livingston, supervisor, criminal registry; Wilma Ebanks, supervisor, family proceedings unit; Carlene Lindsay, judicial support officer; Charmaine Bodden, accounts officer I; Devon Gow, supervisor, civil registry; Jairia Barton, accounts officer II, Richard Harford, chief bailiff/chief marshal; Elizabeth Webb, legal aid officer; and Andrew Doussept, network and information systems manager.

ICPM is a US-based, non-profit, educational institute and certification body affiliated with James Madison University College of Business. Founded in 1974, ICPM has certified more than 12,000 managers and supervisors in a range of industries in 70 countries.

Court administrator Suzanne Bothwell said the JA emphasises raising the professional standing of officers across a range of services. “Judicial Administration’s aim is to ensure our officers remain engaged, to identify and develop potential leaders and senior managers as well as other individuals to fill business critical positions,” she said.

“This initiative is the first of many we hope to pursue in developing and managing talent within the organisation.”

Course participant Harford spoke about the impact the course has had on the group’s managerial development. “The ICPM programme has given us the opportunity to learn new concepts of management, enabling us to better understand our roles as managers/supervisors,” he said.

Fellow graduate Barton added, “The ICMP programme was very challenging and rewarding; I believe this course gave us all tremendous new insight into what it takes to be a successful manager in today’s business environment.”

Fa’amoe explained that ICPM was selected because of its professional strengths and high regard across industries and its comprehensive online resources. The course the group took covered key areas such as understanding the manager’s role, developing leadership and communications skills, problem solving and customer service.

“I was most impressed with the level of enthusiasm and eagerness to learn, considering most of the participants had been out of the classroom for a relatively long time,” Barnes said, adding that participants’ work experience enabled ready application of theory to practice. “Overall, I would strongly recommend opening this training opportunity to all civil servants.”

The graduates will be encouraged to continue on the path towards achieving the ICPM’s certified manager qualification, said JA human resource manager Patricia Muschette, adding that other personnel will be similarly supported in professional development goals, as there is “a need to develop staff with supervisory responsibility”.


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