Primary students celebrate Christmas around the world

| 13/12/2016
CNS Local Life

Allan Wagner talks about Christmas in Honduras

(CNS Local Life): Fourth grade students at Triple C School are learning how children around the world celebrate Christmas. The young people started presentations 6 December, with many dressing up in the native costumes of the countries about which they were sharing. As a special treat, many also provided different types of food that would be served during Christmas in those countries.

At the end of each presentation, each student’s imaginary passport was stamped. The students “travelled” to 24 countries including the Philippines, Costa Rica, Germany, Spain and Honduras.

The idea for this project started during a Cayman heritage social studies unit. Each student constructed a family tree to see where his or her ancestors originated, plus discussed their national flags and symbols.

Grade four teacher Cindy Von Kanel, said, “The original thought was to do the project on a country from which the student or their ancestors originated. However, some of the children wanted to research other countries, either because they had heard stories from there, or they just wanted to learn more about that country.

“The kids have been so excited to research their countries’ Christmas traditions, to find a recipe to share with the class, and to wear a costume that represents their country.”

When the students were asked what they enjoyed most about the project, Allan Wagner said he liked learning about the food and the facts, but most of all he liked learning about the traditions. Lorena Peterson said she enjoyed learning new things, making the presentation, and the food.

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