Top employee helps those in need

| 19/12/2016

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson (L) presents Employee of the Month certificate to Ernie Pearson

(CNS Local Life): Ernie Pearson, an officer with the Needs Assessment Unit (NAU) within the Ministry of Community Affairs, is the Cayman Islands government Employee of the Month for October 2016. Pearson hit the ground running after joining NAU last April, quickly learning the unit’s procedures and policies, which led to his recognition as Employee of the Month for most vested when executing his duties.

Even before being nominated for Employee of the Month, Pearson earned a promotion in October 2016 to NAU supervisor.

Pearson ensures that clients are treated justly, and that he has the necessary resources to meet their needs, said a government press release.

In addition, he brings any potential concerns to the attention of management and takes actions to address any issues.

Dorine Whittaker, Chief Officer for the Ministry of Community Affairs, said, “He has fully embraced his role at the NAU, demonstrating his determination to uphold its vision of Caymanians living safe, healthy, independent lives. His job brings him satisfaction in knowing that he can help those who are in need, which reflects the NAU mission to promote a society where the disadvantaged are empowered for an improved quality of life.”

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson thanked Pearson for his vigour and the consistent, calm manner in which he serves. “I understand you carry out your duties in an exemplary fashion and are known as a well-rounded civil servant who is an asset to the NAU.   You are committed to your role, and your passion is clearly seen through the quality of services that you provide to all stakeholders.

“I trust that by receiving this award, you understand that you are appreciated by your management team and the people of the Cayman Islands. Your hard work has not gone unnoticed.”

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