Cayman’s gardeners blossom at flower show

| 18/04/2017
CNS Local Life

(L-R) Rianna Rankine, Kristiana Forbes and Jacob Kelly-Johnson, three of the 10 George Town Primary participants, with their award and paper bouquet

(CNS Local Life): The Garden Club of Grand Cayman recently celebrated its 6oth anniversary with a flower show featuring unique designs, island blooms and a wide range of children’s entries. Taking top honours at the event, held 31 March-1 April at the South Sound Community Centre, was Berna Cummins, who received the Award of Horticultural Excellence and the Sweepstakes award for most points in horticulture.

Sheila Mackenzie was recognised with the Award of Design Excellence. Governor Helen Kilpatrick, the patron of the Garden Club, congratulated the winners at an evening reception.

Ora Hollebon presented the President’s Award to several members of the club who have devoted their time to the organisation and its causes – Jill Wood for raising funds for the new Children’s Garden at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park; Martin Freifeld for photography at club events and creating and running their website; Faye Lippett writing to members unable to attend events; Anita Hartwell for her horticultural expertise; and Carole Jones for organising the social occasions.

Many of the exhibits received honourable mentions for the work involved in growing and arranging them, and the club said in a press release that it was particularly thrilled by the large number of children’s entries from Cayman Prep and High School, Clifton Hunter High School, Cayman International School and John Gray High School.

Youth exhibits chairperson and consultant, Caroline Johnston, said of the contributions of the young people: “I am delighted with the enthusiasm and imagination of the children who have participated. In my eyes, they are all winners and should be proud of their achievements. I’m looking forward to the next flower show already and the creations that will be entered.”

Cummins, Hollebon and Wood also have narrated a commemorative DVD that chronicles the history of the Garden Club and the changes to Cayman over the years. Copies of the DVD cost $10 and are available through the club.

George Town Primary School students Rianna Rankin, Jacob Kelly Johnson and Kristina Forbes, who are all 10, represented a group that created a decorative basket made from weaving and painting newspaper strips which held an array of flowers made from recyclable paper and cardboard. Rianna and Kristina explained that 10 children made the basket and “we were specifically chosen by our teacher for the task. It took us around three days to complete the work”.

In addition, at the request of Jacob, GTPS principal Marie Martin agreed to hold a dress down day to raise money for the Children’s Garden.

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