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| 16/06/2017
CNS Local Life

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson presents Employee of the Month certificate to Lauren Knight

(CNS Local Life): The manager of the Internal Audit Service has earned Employee of the Month honours for May for being “most energetic”. Lauren Knight, who joined the service in 2014 and manages a team of four, has introduced standardised working papers that allow for universal reporting, and conducted an internal audit of government travel policy. While standing out because of her more than six-foot frame, nonetheless the former Miss Teen gets noticed due to her energy and ability to focus on the task at hand.

On top of her work responsibilities, the mother of three sons earned two certifications this year: Certified Internal Auditor and Risk Management Assurance, stated a government press release. Additionally, she is committed to giving back to the community, and organised a group of Lighthouse School students to spend a career day at the Portfolio of the Civil Service (POCS).

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson thanked Lauren for the enthusiasm she brings to her work. “You serve as a role model for all Cayman Islands civil servants,” he said. “Your approach to your work and the quality of your recommendations has been a catalyst for change in many Government departments. You demonstrate a remarkable level of drive by being an energetic and high-performing auditor.”

Manderson added: “I am also grateful that you found the time to work with students at the Lighthouse School, having recently arranged for them to spend the day with colleagues in the Portfolio. This was a very rewarding experience for both the students and civil servants, and we are all very grateful to work with such a caring and thoughtful individual like you.”

POCS Chief Officer Gloria McField praised Knight for her leadership and can-do attitude.“We have a diverse team of internal auditors and Lauren manages them all, while valuing the diversity and different strengths that each brings,” McField said. “Additionally, she scrutinises the output of the Internal Audit Service to ensure its recommendations improve government activity and adds value for money.”

Internal Audit Acting Director Andy Bonner said, “There are many thousands of internal auditors in the world. With Ms Lauren Knight, the Cayman Islands Government probably has the most energetic one. She puts 110% into everything she does. She always takes a positive approach to whatever comes her way and inspires everyone around her.

“She demonstrates immense passion, drive and dedication to her profession. A star amongst stars within the Internal Audit Service, Ms Lauren is truly deserving of the honour of being a recipient of the Deputy Governor’s Award Programme. We are very proud of her.”

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  1. Our turn next says:

    Congratulations Lauren, well done

  2. Anonymous says:

    Not surprised. I haven’t seen Lauren for years but as an adolescent she had more drive than I had ever seen in a teen. Great going!