Craft market vendors show PRIDE in their training

| 28/07/2017
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Craft market merchants display PRIDE certificates

(CNS Local Life): The vendors of the Cayman Craft Market recently received certificates for their PRIDE training, part of a number of changes the Tourism Attraction Board (TAB) is implementing to ensure the preservation and promotion of local arts and traditions at the George Town attraction. “Quality behavioural and operational service standards are essential in the tourism industry,” said TAB director Patrick Thompson, in explaining the significance of the training.

The market allows visitors to have a one-on-one experience with locals to learn about the country’s heritage and traditions.

“The vendors of the Craft Market, by virtue of participating in the PRIDE workshop, have demonstrated their commitment to delivering excellence in their segment of the industry,” Thompson said in a TAB press release. “The Tourism Attraction Board is pleased that vendors have achieved this certification and believe that this is another step in ensuring that visitors to the market are exposed to the truly unique Caymankind experience.”

Ruth Bodden, a long-time vendor at the market, described the PRIDE training as a “wonderful experience”, adding, “I enjoy getting the updates on what’s new on the island – new hotels, new stores, new restaurants…I am able to refer people to certain restaurants or hotels, or if they are looking for somewhere quiet, I can refer them to East End and North Side. It’s very beneficial and I love the time we all get to spend together.”

Bodden, who has been making Caymanite crafts for many years, is described as an ambassador of the Cayman Islands through her presence at the market. “I love working with the tourists and telling them all about my heritage and about Cayman,” she said. “I make Caymanite jewellery and souvenirs, but Caymanite is getting harder and harder to find. It takes a long time and a lot of work to find the rock, then to cut, polish and carve it. It is a semi-precious stone so I think that’s why the tourists like it so much. You can’t get it anywhere else.”

Jean-eric Smith, Cayman Craft Market manager, thanked the Department of Tourism for presenting a “top-notch workshop” and “accommodating the Cayman Craft Market vendors and employees in obtaining their PRIDE certificate”.

In addition to Caymanite, other crafts available at the market include seed beads, recycled jewellery, craft conch shells and crochet products.

The Cayman Craft Market is open Monday to Friday 8am to 3pm, and on weekends when cruise ships are in.

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