HSA doctor says goodbye to radio and Cayman

| 20/07/2017
CNS Local Life

(L-R) Dwayne Euter, Conference staffer Opal Maraugh, Victoria Gray, Dr Andy Shillingford and Pastor Reinaldo Drack at the doctor’s farewell

(CNS Local Life): Dr Andy Shillingford, who has been with the Health Services Authority for 11 years and co-host of the once-weekly Doctor’s Orders show on the Praise 87.9 radio station since 2013, left Cayman today (20 July) for the UK, where he will join the National Health Service. Before he left he was presented with a plaque by Cayman Islands Conference executive secretary Pastor Reinaldo Dracket in recognition of his service to the radio station, which is run by the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

“Your service as radio doctor has enriched lives,” Dracket said, thanking him on behalf of the Conference and the community at large, and wishing him well.

On his time in Cayman, Dr Shillingford said, “It’s been a good 11 years. I have enjoyed the community and the people and I am going to miss Cayman.”

He added that his role on Doctor’s Orders was “fun”, saying, “I have enjoyed working with Dwayne (Euter)”, the host for the programme and the station’s manager.

Euter said of Dr Shillingford, “Dr Andy is not just a great and caring doctor but he was also an excellent co-host,” adding, “Wednesday mornings will not be the same on this station without him. I wish for him and his family all the best as they move on to a new chapter in their lives.”

The programme will continue and a new co-host will be announced soon, Euter said.

During the doctor’s last show on Wednesday, 19 July, a number of listeners called in to express appreciation. Among them was Victoria Gray of the Cayman Islands Cancer Society, who said that Dr Shillingford had been “brought into the fold of the Cancer Society because of his role on the Doctor’s Orders show”, and noted that he served as the medical director for the society and chaired its education committee.

“For just over a year he was able to make a huge impact on the community through our educational meetings. Our patients and staff will miss him tremendously,” she said.

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