Port Authority boosts technology in schools

| 12/07/2017
CNS Local Life

(L-R) Steven Durksen, Chris Kohn and Nicholas McLean at the handover of the computer equipment

(CNS Local Life): The Port Authority of the Cayman Islands last month donated used computer equipment to John Gray High School (JGHS) and the Cayman Islands Further Education Centre (CIFEC) to enhance the technology available at both schools. The 20 LCD monitors and five desktop computers will be shared between the two. Chris Krohn, the Port Authority’s IT manager, presented the equipment on 2 June to the Ministry of Education’s ICT manager Steven Durksen and acting ICT support project manager Nicholas McLean.

“The personal computers are greatly appreciated as they will allow an upgrade from older computers in various JGHS classrooms,” Durksen said. “CIFEC will be using the donation of equipment for the literacy programmes at Cornerstone and SteppingStones.”

Chief Officer for Education Christen Suckoo thanked the authority for the donation on behalf of the ministry. “Being technologically competent is now a life skill and can maximise the chances of a student achieving their potential,” he said.

“Technology is intertwined in most areas of our lives and ICT integration is a key component to the learning environment in the government schools. Technology affects how we run businesses, socialise, connect, play, but most significantly how we learn, and more technology equals more occasions for different learning styles to engage and build a love for learning. Computers also provide a place to practice independent decision-making.

“The ministry is most thankful for the Port Authority’s willingness to enhance the learning environments for our students with the equipment received.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    These well meaning donations do not do anything to establish a comprehensive policy as regards Technical/Vocationa Education in the Cayman Islands. Mr Suckoo needs to get his act together be bold and have a good look at the Dutch Model. Years and years have gone by and we are reaping the fruits now because past “education managers” distinguished academics, refused to cater so that all children can learn. They talk the talk that children learn differently and have differing aptitudes but they are yet to walk the walk and deliver the goods.