Sunrise Centre performs The Sound of Music

| 04/07/2017
CNS Local Life

Jule Frazier as Rolfe, helped by caregiver Dagny Smith, and Gabriella Terry as Liesl von Trapp perform “16 Going on 17”

(CNS Local Life): Clients from the Sunrise Adult Training Centre (SATC) took part in a production of The Sound of Music at the Harquail Theatre Wednesday, 21 June. At the show, artwork by the clients was also on sale in the lobby. Additionally, acting director Kimberley Voaden presented a Sunrise Shining Star Award plaque to assistant adaptive living specialist Twila Rodgers for being the outstanding employee for the year.

“Ms Rodgers received this year’s Shining Star award for excellence and faithfulness in all duties,” Voaden said. “Twila has maintained exemplary standards within her programme despite reduced staffing.”

This year’s production was chosen by secret ballot by the clients and staff, SATC programme support officer Stephanie Rattan explained. “There was an overwhelming response to adapt the Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical, based on the popularity and familiarity of the music and story line. Once the show was chosen, clients and instructors in the functional academics department watched The Sound of Music movie and re-wrote, scene by scene, their own version of the show,” she said.

Rattan added that auditions were held for each role as would be done in other theatre groups. Once the adapted script was finalised and all roles were cast, rehearsals were held every day from March until the show was performed.

All together, 28 SATC clients participated in the production, along with staff, caregivers, volunteers and guests making appearances.

“Our productions use all members of staff, caregivers, and even rely upon contributions from members of the public,” Voaden said. “Our life skills teacher, Ms Laki Lee, managed the production so ably from the front of the stage. A large number of other staff was also integrally involved in the production, and without whom there would have been no show.”

Rattan was stage manager and occupational therapist Philip Knowles worked alongside Patrick Lopez from the Cayman National Cultural Foundation to run the sound and lighting.

Voaden added that several members of the community also volunteered their time, providing critical support. Among the many people who helped, Brad Watts provided a singing voice for Jule Frazier (who played Rolf), during the song “16 going on 17”. Betty Ebanks, Laura Young, Brittani Ebanks and Keisha Solomon provided support in the dressing rooms to ensure all the quick costume changes happened without a hitch. Jonathan Pedley climbed 35 feet to operate the ropes, which raised and lowered stage equipment including backdrops and projector screens.


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