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| 04/08/2017
CNS Local Life

Champs in the 13-15 division (L-R) Ayo Oremule, Micah O’Garro and Joshua O’Garro

(CNS Local Life): This year’s Shooting Stars basketball tournament attracted 48 players to take part in the competition while fundraising for a local charity. The three-on-three basketball event, organised by Star 92.7FM and held Saturday, 29 July at the Arts and Recreation Centre at Camana Bay, raised money for the National Council of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO).

The tournament marked the close of this summer’s mixed sports and basketball camps at Camana Bay.

Teams competed in three age divisions: 7-9, 10-12, and 13-15, with the youngsters able to showcase their skills in a fun yet competitive environment, stated a press release. “I’m very pleased. I think the turnout has been one of the best even though we took a two-year hiatus,” said John Watler, the radio station’s programme director.

In the 13-15 age group, the Skinny Squad of Ayo Oremule and brothers Joshua and Micah O’Garro defeated Showtime Ballers in overtime to win the trophies. In the 10-12 division, Dream Team, comprising D’Andre Rankin, Josh Gardener, Amar Christian and Nathaniel Anderson, took the honours after beating Jaguars in the final. The two winning teams were undefeated in their run through the tournament.

Rockets won the 7-9 group, defeating Spinners 3-0 in the series to determine the winner.

Watler explained why his station was so keen on bringing back the Shooting Stars tournament, as well as focusing on younger players for this edition. “We realised that people aren’t putting on a lot of events geared towards the children. We feel that exercise and sport are the best ways to keep children out of trouble, motivate them to be better, and use up some of the energy that they have.”

The NCVO was selected as the beneficiary charity for the event. NCVO coordinator Mona Meade thanked organisers for the donation, adding, “The tournament aligns perfectly with the NCVO’s work in supporting children and families within the community and by providing this event with free registration it encourages future basketball stars to hone their skills in a tournament setting,” she said.

Two of the players in the tournament – David Swan and Kobe Meade – won autographed basketballs signed by Cody Zeller of the Charlotte Hornets from a raffle held to benefit the NCVO.

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