Immigration officer stamped top employee for June

| 03/08/2017
CNS Local Life

(L-R) Mervin Manderson receives his award from Deputy Governor Franz Manderson

(CNS Local Life): Mervin Manderson, who has been with the Department of Immigration (DOI) since 2007, has been named Employee of the Month for June for being “most thorough”. He started as an immigration officer II and in 2013 was promoted to senior immigration officer. A year later he moved to senior immigration officer for compliance, where he has been primarily responsible for identifying and investigating non-compliance of immigration-imposed conditions mandated by law and policies under the authority of the chief immigration officer, boards or work permit administrators.

Tasked with conducting investigations and audits, Manderson and his colleagues carry out their duties independently and objectively to ensure the adherence to immigration-imposed conditions and restrictions.

Acting Chief Immigration Officer Bruce Smith said of the recognition, “Officer Manderson understands his role as investigator and we value his thoroughness, which is needed for the department to run efficiently. He has good leadership skills, a phenomenal work ethic, pays close attention to detail, meets deadlines and is a keen team player.”

Smith added, “He consistently demonstrates what it means to work above and beyond in the execution of his duties. This is evident as he successfully resolved many cases, and his sharp investigative ability has allowed him to avoid unnecessary litigation for the department.”

Wesley Howell, Chief Officer for the Ministry of Human Resources and Immigration, thanked Manderson for his level of performance and commitment to DOI. “I am pleased that this year, three employees from my ministry have earned Employee of the Month awards – two from Immigration and one directly from my ministry. It is crucially important that staff members like Senior Immigration Officer Manderson be recognised for their consistently high work ethic and professionalism,” Howell said. “He is a stellar performer who has earned the reputation of an excellent investigator, and is a role model for the entire civil service.”

Deputy Governor Franz Manderson also praised the Employee of the Month for his eye for detail and being a role model. “From your initial appointment as an immigration officer, you displayed all the traits of a dynamic and skilful officer. You have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the important role that the department plays in the success of our Islands,” he said.

“As a result of your diligence and professional ability, you have become an exceptional officer who overcomes the many challenges that face enforcement officers on a daily basis. It should be noted that you also understand the importance of treating everyone fairly even if that person transgresses immigration laws.”

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